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How to be a Legendary Teacher

In How to be a Legendary Teacher, author Adam Prociv explores how educators can inspire students and help them learn, starting with the way they approach each day.



How to be a Legendary Teacher 2

I would like to welcome all of my readers to my second book, How to be a Legendary Teacher 2. This is a follow-up to my first teaching book, which was intended to be a guide or field manual for all teachers both new and experienced. All topics covered here are aspects of my teaching that I was either unable to fit into the original book or have evolved in my teaching life in the years since then. Once again, this is my perception only of these teaching and learning experiences, and I am quite happy for you to agree, disagree, or be completely indifferent to them. I do repeat a few themes in this book and relate many pieces of information from my first book to other topics. I believe, once again, within teaching and education in general, that many themes can again serve a variety of purposes.

For me, teaching and education are about creating new thought patterns and then allowing my students to make better informed decisions about their life’s path or journey. I also once again invite you to “chew on the meat and spit out the bones” with this.